"So you`ve arrived, enemies of Dorfa. Your presence here soothes my soul." -Apollonius when first encountered at the Zawaza Plains.

"I am Apollonius of the Four Heavenly Czars. Do not compare me to scum like Zenke. Now, fight me, and fill my soul with joy ! Come forth, Seguro !" -Apollonius just before the first fight against him.

"S-Slendid... I have no regrets. To live by the sword is to die by the sword. Farewell... !" Apollonius before dying.

"My name is Apollonius... I`m a Fencer... My sword is my life. I hope we get along..." -Apollonius in his Introduction.

"My sword is my soul." -Apollonius after he fairized.

"...! Harley, was it? Please keep your distance from me. I don't want my earthly fires stoked." - Apollonius upon joining the party.

"I`m gonna say this once... I`m not shy ! And I`m NOT a pretty boy ! Got it !" -Apollonius in his Monologue 2.