FFADF Chiaki
Gender Female
Race Human
Personal Status
Evil Goddess Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Ari Ozawa
English voice Laura Post

A member of the Septerion Club send by Junown to monitor Sherman.

According to Sherman, she looks like his dead sister.



She is a timid and sweet young girl. She is intimidated by Junown implying she is scared of her. She is very understanding and patient with Sherman and his ideals believing he really is doing something better for the world.


Chiaki first appears when she is attacked by a bandit, but luckily Fang and Eryn come to her rescue. She then treats them to a free meal at the Sunflower Inn and tries to get Fang to partake in their wine. Despite failing to get him to drink it, she invites him to watch a public hanging.

She later appears when Sherman calls for her to give him a glass a wine, revealing she is working for the Septerion Club. She then cries out in worry when she witnesses Sherman and Galdo getting blasted by the latter's bomb.

Chiaki appears once more after Zagi failed to kill Tiara. She stays silent out of fear Junown will come and hurt her next. She is then genuinely surprised when Sherman comes to her defense, and it is here that Chiaki falls in love with him.

After Bernard's death, Chiaki is seen trying to comfort Sherman and nearly confesses her love to him, but is then rejected by him. However learning that he considers her as family makes her equally happy and is willing to follow Sherman wherever he goes.

However, her time with Sherman was cut short. After Sherman was finally defeated by Fang's group, she sacrifices her life so that he may live and carry out his ideals.

Her last scene is helping Fang's group take down the Evil Goddess as a spirit.


  • She shares the same English voice actress with Hyperdimension Neptunia's Arfoire
  • It was never confirmed whether she and Sherman were biologically related or not.