Age 17
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Partner Zenke
Personal Status
Original Deceased
Goddess Deceased
Vile God Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Rina Furukawa
English voice Kira Buckland
Della is Zenke's Fairy partner. Similarly to the her Fencer, she can be considered as a girl who takes pleasure in cruel behavior. Since both possess such behaviour, their relationship is different from the one of other Fencers and Fairies. A relationship of mutual trust doesn't exist, there is a peculiar relationship in which each other is considered a "tool" that can be used.


Della is fair skinned with bright, lime green eyes. She has a noticeable fang at the corner of her mouth, along with pointed ears adorned with many studs, hoops, and a single diamond dangle earring. She has medium to long, orange-brown colored hair that is fully pulled into a spiked ponytail, except for a single strand of hair that curls down from the forehead, along with a few loose strands of hair that is colored purple, teal, or blue. Della also posesses teal body markings matching her long fingernails, and a pair of dark colored wings resembling eyes with pink flames along the top.

Her attire consists of a dark bra lined in pale yellow, and a pair of matching short-shorts with the sides cut and held by dark colored string. Going along the top of the shorts is a white and purple band with multiple spikes protruding from it. Around her neck is a purple spiked collar with a diamond dangling from it. On each arm she wears tight teal sleeves with white and purple armor on each shoulder, and a pair of white and purple fingerless gloves with purple spiked cuffs rest on each wrist.


Like her partner, Della was also shown to be a cruel and sadistic fairy. She would suggest torturous ways to Zenke, much to his delight. They would use each other as tools to bring brutal misdeeds to everyone.