Age 18
Gender Female
Race Human
Specialties Astrology
Hobby Knitting
Likes Apollonius
Dislikes Violence
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Sachika Misawa
English voice Christine Marie Cabanos

Emily is Apollonius' little sister. Unexpectedly, she wants to be friends with Fang.


Emily's shy personality is reflected by her face, which is hidden behind her long bangs. Her purple eyes match her maroon-colored shawl, which she is often found gripping, that is pinned at the neck with a golden pin. She wears a dark red and brown button down shirt with gold accents and a belt that is tied off at her hip. Just beneath that, her bag is slung across her hips. She wears pleated, gray shorts.


She is a very kind and fragile girl but can also show signs of immense anger and hatred. When she decide to travel out from her home and seek revenge for her older brother who was killed by Fang, but unbeknownst befriended him. Showing she also has a very kind and caring heart.


Emily is first seen being attacked by Hoodlums but is saved by Fang. After the encounter, Emily informs Fang that she is travelling to avenge Apollonius' death. Afterwards, she passes him an amulet containing boiled fairy flowers, which is later used in the alternate timeline to save Apollonius if your character level is high enough.


In a sub-event, if you have Apollonius in your party, there will be a scene where Apollonius saves Emily from the Hoodlums instead of Fang in the original timeline.

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