Age 16
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Partner Ethel
Specialties Ethel's interpreter
Hobby Origami
Likes Kakigōri (Japanese shaved ice)
Dislikes Very hot food or drink
Personal Status
Original Deceased
Goddess Alive
Vile God Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Ayaka Oohashi
English voice Christine Marie Cabanos
Karin is Ethel's Fairy partner. She is a gentle, easygoing person and the spokesperson for Ethel. She, along with Ethel, later joins Fang's group.


Karin is a pale girl with bright ice blue eyes and very long flowing white hair. On the top of her head are two big fox ears, both of which have blue and cyan themed diamond-shaped earrings with accenting of white. She wears a outfit that resembles a long, over-sized white kimono-dress with ruffles and blue ribbons held by blue beads.


Karin speaks very politely and has a general sunny disposition towards everyone. She is also shown to care about Ethel and only wants her to be happy. She is a very kind fairy who only rarely is seen unhappy or sad or in some cases, frustrated. She used to be Ethel's translator when all Ethel could say was "kill" but when Fang refused to kill her and let her join his party Karin was happy to say that her translating days had come to an end.



  • She looks like Origami Tobiichi from Date A Live, an other series illustrateur by Tsunako.