Age 12 1/2
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Fury Lance
Partner none
Specialties Information gathering
Hobby Earning money
Likes Money
Dislikes Impoverished things
Personal Status
Original Ceased to Exist
Goddess Alive
Vile God Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Yuka Iguchi
English voice Cristina Vee

Lola is savvy despite her young age, and she works as an information broker. She also sells various useless items for very high prices. Where her information comes from appears to be a trade secret. Such information is vital to support Fang in his adventures and keep the story moving. Although she appears to be just a girl, in reality Lola is a Fairy who does not need a Fencer.


Lola is a little fairy 12 and half year old girl with bright blue eyes and medium-long, pale blonde colored hair with wave nearing the bottom. She wears a blue bow tied onto a headband, matching her frilly blue and white dress. At the neck and on each side of the skirt rest dull red bows with gold broaches in the middle with a heart etched on them. She also wears red chunky shoes with red bows at the tongue of each, white pantyhose, and a single brown bracelet. On her back Lola carries a huge red coin purse.


Lola is a slightly greedy information broker and sales girl who has no qualm conning people for cash. Her information is always valid, but her wares are a different matter. She plays on looking like a cute little girl to avoid suspicion.


Not much is known about Lola's past. Currently she is the only fairy to be shown without the accompaniment of a fencer.


Lola uses a Lance/Spear and has incredible physical strength.


  • Lola's appearance and personality are similar to that of Gust, a character from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Both characters have an appearance of a little girl, and they also tend to be greedy moneymakers.
  • Lola is the only Fairy who does not have a Fencer
  • Lola is the final party member to join in the Goddess route and the Vile God route of Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force. Conversely, she is the first party member to join Fang in the Evil Goddess route if Galdo's temporary recruitment does not count.
  • Lola is the only party member who is not fought directly at any point of the story
  • Lola is the only Fairy who is a playable character