Age 22
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Partner Galdo
Specialties Galdy-kin's care
Hobby Galdy-kin's care
Likes Galdy-kin's care
Dislikes people who torments Galdy-kins
Personal Status
Original Ceased to Exist (Goddess)
Ceased to Exist (Vile God)
Entered Next Timeline (Evil Goddess)
Goddess Alive
Vile God Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Kayano Ide
English voice Erika Harlacher

Marissa is Galdo's Fairy partner. An adult woman type Fairy who takes care of the carefree Galdo. She acts just like his mother, babying him and calling him "Galdy-kins".


Marissa is a fair-skinned fairy with green eyes. She has long, flowing orange hair, with a little amount pulled into a bun held by a pink butterfly and a few flowers. Marissa has low, pink butterfly wings.

She wears a low cut, fuchsia Chinese dress with a big slit on the right side of the leg. The entire outfit is lined with white cloth and has accenting of brown and pale yellow. A flower symbol can be seen at the bottom part of her outfit. In addition, she wears a magenta colored choker tied around her neck.


While Marissa is Galdo's fairy partner, she serves and acts like his mother. She often spoils and pampers him. Throughout the game, Marissa's personality is gentle, resembling a very caring mother.