Gender Unknown
Race Unknown
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Tesshō Genda
English voice Joshua Tomar
His age and gender are unknown, like Pippin. Pippin calls him "Father" but it's unknown if they are really related. He speaks with rather dated language, and is a talented fencer who values order. Because he focused too much on the path as a Fencer, he fell to a path of bloodshed. 


Pappin's appearance vastly resembles that of Pippin's, with only a few differences. His body is gray, and he retains a scar on his left eye and a scar on his lower left body. Instead of a sword stabbed on his cranium area, his hair is tied into a Chonmage (a form of Japanese traditional haircut worn by men).


As a skilled warrior who follows the path of justice, he holds a self-righteous attitude, believing that those who were tainted must be killed, even if it means that he has to cross blades with his own son.



Evil Goddess Route

Pappin was ordered by Sherman to eliminate Tiara, whom the latter knows that she is the descendant of the Vile God. Later on, Tiara runs into Fang, telling him to help her. Pappin then appears, questioning of Fang's association with Tiara. Eryn mistook Pappin as a "gray version of Pippin", much to his annoyance. He properly introduces himself as Pappin, the servant of justice. He then draws his sword, stating that heretics who threatens must be killed. Fang and the party battles him, but they were easily defeated. He was impressed that Fang has survived his attack, and decided to reward him by unleashing his special attack, further injuring Fang. Pappin was about to finish off Tiara, when he was interrupted by a familiar voice: Pippin. Pippin came to put a stop to his father's reality that has fallen out of control. He ordered Soji to heal the others so they would have the energy to fight alongside with Pippin. Despite the party defeating him the second time, Pappin was still able to stand, stating that true strength comes from within the self. Pippin questioned his father's motives as to why he would join the Septerion Club if he was a powerful warrior. Pappin then retorted that to overcome human frailty and ignorance, "one must have a banner to rally behind". Angered by Pappin's philosophy, Pippin stated that "true justice" comes from a person of a free will. Pappin then prepared to unleash his special attack again, only for him to cough up his blood. Despite Pippin's concern of Pappin's time running short, the latter stated that he has yet to fulfill his ambition and he cannot die yet. Pappin explained that the opposite of justice is not evil, but a different kind of justice, which was the justice that Pippin follows, and promises to settle the score when he meets his son again.