Title Fencer
Age ???
Gender Male
Race ???
Fury Gauntlets (lightning magic)
Partner Soji
Specialties Wire puzzles
Hobby Attending a stockholders meeting
Likes Folklores
Dislikes Slovenly youths
Personal Status
Original Ceased to Exist (Goddess)
Ceased to Exist (Vile God)
Entered Next Timeline (Evil Goddess)
Goddess Alive
Vile God Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Asami Shimoda
English voice Cristina Vee

Pippin is a Fencer who is a mysterious, unknown living thing. Despite not being human no matter how you look at it, he's a very straightforward person. When he talks, he goes off on a tangent. The meaning of the sword stuck in his head or if his brain is okay are completely unknown.


Pippin is a unknown, humanoid creature with green skin and some similaritys to a cat, because he has cat-like ears, a cait-like mouth and whiskers. In addition, he has a small, blue afro and a strange, bunny-like tail which is colored blue as well. Furthermore, he has a broadsword stabbed through is head. Summarizing, his appearance is very strange, but he still has some kind of elegance in the way he stands and walks.

Due to his and Souji's appearances, they're always mistaken as Soji being the fencer and Pippin being the fairy.


Pippin appears to be one of the eldest in the group, despite his appearance. His behavior and way of speaking resembles a retired hero, or an elderly man. Pippin also claims that those who cannot look past his appearance are unskilled and/or must hone their skills further.

Pippin is one of the most well-behaved and "normal" members of the group (which can be ironic, considering his unusual appearance), giving advice towards other people and offering his services to those who need it. Pippin also appears to enjoy the company of those who seem to "remind him of his youth." According to his fairy, Souji, Pippin likes to tell stories of his past to people he seems to like.


Pippin is first seen at Diner where he offers to help pay for Fang's food after he "lost" his wallet. He later joins Fang in reviving the Goddess.

In the alternate timeline, when Fang "loses" his wallet again, Fang recognizes Pippin and asks him to pay for his food, to which Pippin refuses due to never having met him in his life. Pippin is later seen again when Fang tries to get the Fury found at the Subterranean Tower. After this, Pippin joins Fang's party.


  • Pippin is available as a DLC weapon for Nepgear in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Sisters Generation
  • He appears as a Scout and former researcher for B-Sha in Megadimension Neptunia VII, although he is colored differently.
  • Pippin's gender is ambiguous in the Japanese version. The localization likely gave Pippin a male gender to avoid offending his human character via gender ambiguous pronouns (i.e.: it, they, etc.).
  • The broadsword on his head looks like Sandalphon, an angel in the Date A Live series.