"I would prefer to hold nothing back when facing my enemies, but in this case, I'll make an exception." -Sherman to Ryushin during a fight with a bandit boss

"You are a fencer too? I thought you were just a pianist." "And I thought you were a waiter." -Conversation between Fang and Sherman

"I have but one dream. World peace." -Sherman, being asked about his intention

"What the heck ? He`s actin` way too cool. Ugh, I don`t think I like this guy very much!" Galdo when meeting Sherman for the first time in the Zawaza Plains.

"What do you think you're doing?! Who asked you to rescue me?" "Please forgive me. I do not wish to see those ladies mourn your death." -Conversation between Fang and Sherman, after Sherman rescued him from Apollonius

"[Recollection : Sherman woke up next to a woman and called her the wrong name. The result of this error was a bloodbath.]" -Ryushin when talking about Sherman`s weak points.

"[Comparison : Sherman`s singing voice is akin to an ultrasonic sound wave capable of destroying all surrounding objects.]" -Ryushin when talking about Sherman`s weak points.

"Once a human is tainted by evil, they will never change. They are nothing more than defects. It is my duty to eradicate this defects and purify this world." -Sherman

"This world cries out for my help." -Sherman

"...I will become this worlds god. Only then will true salvation come." -Sherman to Bernard in the Dorfa headquarters

"I can hear it, Fang! The screams building inside your chest... The sobs of despair over your meaningless exsistence!" -Sherman to Fang during the Revival of the Goddess

"Let's go Ryushin. I take back what I said before. No matter what...we will save Tiara." -Sherman in Advent Dark Force